Thursday, 1 March 2012

Apicoectomy - natural mouth washes

Not a very nice topic - but I've just had one of these unpleasant operations, and now have a throbbing mouth and stitches. The alternative would have been worse pain, and probably losing a tooth at least, eventually.
Did you know that camomile tea is a brilliant and mild wash for wounds? I used to use an ointment called 'Bonjela' for the occasional mouth ulcer when I was a child, (you can still get it in the UK) but when I came to live in Germany, I couldn't buy it, so I began to use camomile tea instead. It's just as effective.  So I'm drinking camomile tea for the wound in my gum now.

Another good wash is salt water. It's wonderfully disinfecting. When I had my ears pierced at 18, I used salt water to dab on the wounds in my ear lobes. They healed up in no time. I also use salt water with a dash of lemon juice for a sore throat in the early stages. It tastes weird, but gargling with this every 10 minutes or so really helps.

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