Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Woman faces 93 days in jail because she grows vegetables in her front garden.

This really took my breath away. Another 'job's-worth' busybody wasting tax payers' money by persecuting a perfectly sensible person for growing vegetables in her own front garden. Julie Bass has had the brilliant idea of using the space in the front of her house to grow vegetables. This not only sets an excellent example to anyone who walks past; it teaches the neighbourhood children the value of growing your own, plus it cuts back on electricity - as she doesn't have to mow the lawn. Why the City of Oak Park wouldn't see this as something laudable, and even encourage other residents to do the same thing, I can't think. After all, in these days of financial crisis, especially in America, one would think that any way of saving money, getting exercise and fresh air, plus providing a source of organic fresh vegetables would be praised. By growing her own, Ms Bass saves car journeys as well. She doesn't have to shop for fresh produce. And, of course, global climate change being the new 'Public Enemy #1', one would think that city councillors would relish the sight of residents reducing their carbon footprint by cutting back on fuel bills.

The bigger issue of course, is the freedom of the individual. Surely, if the land belongs to the Bass family, then they ought to be able to do what they like with it. Or is the City of Oak Park falling foul of communitarian philosophy, where the rights of the individual are now subservient to the rights of the community?
By the way, since when did 'suitable' mean 'common'?  Doesn't the City of Oak Park know how to use a dictionary correctly?  Since when were they given the right to re-define adjectives to their own advantage, and by whom? And they're going to shut Ms Bass away for 93 days? RIDICULOUS. Have they nothing better to do with their time?
 It appears as if they're going to shoot themselves in the foot with this one.
Shame on them.

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