Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Nettle Soup

These are stinging nettle tops and garlic mustard (in the trug) from the woods next to the garden, dandelions, (obviously) and lime tree leaves.

I made the garlic mustard pesto in the above-linked recipe, this afternoon. Tastes delicious.

The nettles made a great soup, (mixed with left-over peelings of white asparagus, celery and chicken stock. ) What I couldn't whizz up with the liquidiser, I strained, mixed with a beaten egg and made nettle burgers in an omelette pan. They really tasted good.
The dandelions are from the fields above our home and are primarily for Tessie, who has woken up after hibernation and has a ferocious appetite. She loves dandelions. I wash them and keep them in the fridge in a plastic bag ready for when she needs more.

The lime tree leaves are for a salad Nicoise tonight. I'll mix them with rocket and lettuce.

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julianesorge said...

Hi Frances,

I really love your blog and your ideas! Your cheese experiment has inspired me. Yesterday I bought 5 lts of milk at a farmer in Katzwang... I am going to try the cheese thing, too and I started already some yoghurt. I did this before but always with "pateurisierter" milk; this time it remained the natural one and it is delicious! I hope the chesse thing will work, too! Looking foreward to more of your creative ideas!