Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Next Cheese-making Adventure

This time I used 3.5 litres of fresh milk straight from the farm. Heated it up slowly and at just before simmering point, added lime juice (didn't have any lemon left) and finally a bit of white wine vinegar. The moment everything suddenly curdles never ceases to astonish and delight me. Huge great lumps of white curds. Poured everything into a linen tea-towel and hung it up on a hook on the ceiling to drip all night into a bowl. This morning I pressed the resulting lump (a good 750g, at least) in the cheese pot, (under my husband's lifting weights) for a few hours. A short while ago I took it out again and put it into a salt water bath. It's sitting in the fridge. Not sure how long I'll keep it in there, but perhaps for a few days, after which I'll take it out and have it sit in the fridge to mature a bit. I'm not sure what kind of cheese it'll be; will have to look it up.


Bethany said...

Oh Frances that looks great! That's very similar to how I made my hard cheese except I aged mine in the basement for 4 weeks. It's been a while since I made a cheese... I've been making such plans for the garden this year instead :)

What's in a name? said...

It's all about experimenting, isn't it? Your Provolone looks beautiful - I have no idea how this cheese I've just done is going to turn out. Our basement is probably not cool or damp enough, so I'll keep it in the fridge for a while and see what happens.
Trouble is, the fridge isn't big enough for all the cheeses I'd like to get going so that we finally have an ongoing supply - I'll just have to keep them coming and we'll eat the oldest to make more space. There's a brilliant site about cheesemaking in Brooklyn where the guy has his own room which he calls his cheese cave. I love it. We don't have such a cave; more's the pity.