Thursday, 15 January 2009

Going No-Poo?

This is something I've been thinking of trying for a long time, but was too vain or was never convinced that it could work. But the writers over on Simple Green frugal Co-op have inspired me.
When I was a child, there was a popular science television programme on the BBC, which name I forget. One of the episodes has always stuck in my mind. A lady was experimenting with not washing her hair with shampoo any more. She was going to tie her hair up in a turban for a number of weeks, until her body was able to regulate the natural oils in her hair again. She had long, dark brown hair which reached beyond her waist. The TV audience were obviously not convinced that it could work and sounded revolted by the idea. After a number of weeks, the lady was back on the programme, with the turban on, and the moment came to remove it. Off it came, and down flowed this gorgeous wave of beautiful, healthy, shining hair. She hadn't shampooed it once, (apparently) and everyone was amazed.

I've also been concerned about the chemicals which are leaching into the water system, also about the fact that all those chemicals can't really be good for our skin; after all, how did our forebears cope? My mother-in-law says that they used to use something called 'Kernseife' (a pure, natural, unadulterated soap, which you can still buy here in Germany, for all their washing needs - hair, clothes, everything. We always take this soap when we're on a hike or when camping because it's environmentally friendly. It also lasts longer than the usual perfumed bars.


Kerstin said...

Ahhhh that's my topic :)
I think you know I shaved my head umm... about 16 months ago? Hair is back down to the shoulders by now...
I started with only a solid shampoo from lush, which has some bad tensides but no silicone, which is the bad guy in any shampoo. Generally shampooed much less often than before. And once they grew back about 5 cm I started soaking them in Olive Oil for several hours once a week, using the solid shampoo afterwards. Which made them very soft and shiny.
Now I'm back to fluid shampoo but still without silicones (balea from dm, some balea shampoos do have silicones (dimethicone or anything with -cone in the end is baaaad for you) in them) and use Olive Oil three times a week for some minutes before washing my hair (on wet hair, though. Always apply oil on wet hair).
And I have NEVER ever had hair that soft. And no scalp itch anymore since I'm silicone-free. :)
Whatever you do, keep your readers posted about what you experience :)
I can't imagine going completely no-poo because when I sweat in the fitness-studio I feel I just have to wash them with shampoo.

Kerstin said...

PS: You're such a Hippie! Hehe. I like it. :)

What's in a name? said...

Yeah. Peace, man.